You can submit to speak on the following topics:
  • Resilience – Including diversifying resources; hardening the grid; mitigating outages; improving overall reliability; exploring opportunities in islanding/microgrids; integration of smart grid applications.
  • Supply Chain – Including evaluating procurement strategies; tackling impacts of trade restrictions; competing with demand from automotive industry; investigating potential on-shoring; addressing security and human rights concerns.
  • Hybridization – Including providing productivity and efficiency for renewables; achieving carbon goals; providing for further market expansion and innovation.
  • Long Duration – Including expanding new opportunities and markets; assessing the latest technologies; reviewing considerations for buyers.
  • Life cycle/recycling – Including sizing the market; recycling spent batteries; seizing upcycling opportunities; addressing issues of sustainability/the circular economy.
  • Financing – Including securing funding consideration; reviewing new funding sources; understanding other considerations like insurance.
  • Beyond Batteries – Including reviewing new technologies; evaluating new applications; investigating current regulatory frameworks; understanding current deployments.
  • Transportation – Including developing charging infrastructure; harnessing vehicle-to-grid/behind-the-meter opportunities; incorporating and meeting increased demand.
  • Siting/Safety – Including working within local regulations/site controls and process; navigating interconnection issues; evaluating local market opportunities and barriers; dealing with local fire authorities.
  • Future of Energy Storage – Including forecasting future opportunities; projecting the industry’s growth trajectory; addressing market constraints.
  • All edits to submissions must be made by 8:00PM ET on Friday, July 23, 2021.
  • You will receive notification about your submission the week of August 9, 2021.
Submissions will be reviewed on:
  • Providing an interesting/unique perspective on the topic.
  • Providing thought leadership in the industry.
  • You do not have to be a member of ESA to speak at the conference.
  • All speakers will be required to sign a speaker agreement. The speaker agreement is available for your review.

Please contact the ESA Events Team at if you have any questions.