Official #ESACon21 Vendors

Note ESA Official Partners Below

Companies not affiliated with ESA or the ESA Energy Storage Annual Conference & Expo (#ESACon21) may offer show services including housing and attendee lists that look as if they are coming from ESA or an official show partner. Exhibitors and attendees may receive frequent emails and phone calls from these companies with enticing offers but beware that they are not official show partners unless shown below.  These companies claim to offer services such as:
  • Housing
  • Attendee Lists
  • Advertising Opportunities

Official providers of these show services:

  • ESA is offering official housing for the event.  Why does it matter if you stay in the discounted hotel blocks?  See below.  If you receive an email solicitation for housing services from a company other than ESA, please forward it to Becca at
  • ESA does NOT sell our attendee lists to third parties.  If you receive an email solicitation regarding the #ESACon21 or ESA Annual Conference & Expo attendee list, please forward it to Lexie at
  • ESA handles all of the advertising opportunities at the event including websites, mobile app, and publications.  Contact for options.

If you get an email or call from a company not listed above, please be aware they are not official ESA show partners and you may put yourself at financial risk if you provide your credit card information.

Why Stay in the ESA Housing Block?

→ More Networking!

You’ll be in the center of conference activity, that’s why!  You’ll be able to network easily with other conference attendees and interact with your colleagues. You’ll have a better conference experience overall.

→ Express Entry!

To provide for a crowd-free check-in process, ESA will be introducing Express Entry.  Express Entry will provide for registrants to pick up their badges and conference materials at the three (3) host hotels. Only those registrants staying within official host hotels will get this benefit. Once you get to the Conference Center, you do not have anything left to do but enjoy the conference.

→ Best Hotels, Great Location, Lowest Rates!

The conference staff have taken their role of finding a conference site very seriously. Based on a guaranteed percentage of attendees staying in official conference hotels, ESA is able to negotiate with the hotels to provide discounted rates from their normal charges, which saves you money!

→ Support the industry and ESA!

Support the conference and the association by staying at the official conference hotels.  Unfilled rooms can cost the association thousands of dollars which can apply pressure to increase the conference registration fees to offset these costs.

Please be aware that companies may solicit you and imply or indicate an affiliation with ESA or the ESA Energy Storage Annual Conference & Expo.  They may claim to have hotel rooms available at supposedly significant discounts, some even at the same hotels in our official block. Typically, this is untrue as ESA designated hotels have guaranteed that ESA rates are the lowest rates being offered over our meeting dates.

Unfortunately, in the past some exhibitors and attendees have fallen prey to these companies and have either lost significant deposits or have not received the hotel rooms they originally booked. These companies often have hidden costs, charge your credit card in full at the time of reservation, and may not provide the hotel reservations promised. Reservations made through any agency other than via the official hotel block links will be at your own risk.

Booking through the official housing providers ensures you will be working with a reputable company, that your credit card information is secure, and that you will benefit from all services provided to conference attendees at the official host hotels.