#ESACon21 Speaker Agreement

By execution of this agreement, I hereby agree to participate as a speaker for the ESA Energy Storage Annual Conference & Expo, heretofore #ESACon21, to be held December 1-3, 2021, and I agree to abide by the terms set forth herein.

I hereby acknowledge and agree that the #ESACon21 conference sessions are primarily designed to provide an opportunity to learn and discuss business and technology issues and are not intended to sell products or services. I will refrain from verbally marketing any products or services immediately before, during, or after my session. Selling and marketing from the platform is defined as making a sales transaction; discussing fees or handing out price lists; using your session to develop a mailing list; distributing company literature, materials, or products; and/or giving away or raffling any products or services during the session.

I agree to meet the deadlines provided to me by ESA staff.

I understand that ESA reserves the right to record, reproduce, publish, broadcast and distribute my presentation and that it will be made available to conference attendees during and after the event. By my acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement and release, and in consideration of ESA providing me with the opportunity to speak and present my work at the event, I hereby grant ESA a perpetual license to: (1) record the work for audio and/or video purposes, (2) copy, reproduce, publish, and distribute the work in all print and other formats (including but not limited to online publication via ESA’s Websites energystorage.org and esacon.energystorage.org and distribution at future programs), (3) reprint the work for distribution, (4) make the proceedings available for purchase and distribution during and after the event, and (5) grant requestors one-time rights to reprint the work.

ESA understands and agrees that the above grant of rights does not constitute a transfer of copyright and that I remain free to present the materials or revised versions thereof at other events. ESA agrees to provide me with appropriate authorship credit and acknowledgment each time it publishes or republishes the work, and to require sub-licensors to also provide appropriate authorship credit and acknowledgments.

ESA is hereby authorized to use my name, likeness, picture, and biographical material during and after the event to advertise and publicize any use of the work.

In granting this consent and release, I acknowledge and agree that ESA shall be under no obligation to pay me for delivery of any service I perform as a result of this agreement, or for the permission/license that I have granted to ESA to record, reproduce, publish, and distribute the work as set forth above.

By signing this agreement, I further represent and warrant that I am the sole author and owner of the work and all rights in and to all portions of the aforementioned work; that the work is original; that it does not violate or infringe on any personal or property rights of others, whether common law or statutory; that it contains nothing libelous or otherwise contrary to law; and that I am authorized and empowered to enter into this agreement. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless ESA, its officers, directors, employees, and volunteers from any and all claims of copyright infringement made against them and arising out of the work and my presentation of the work at the event. I further represent and warrant that the work contains no material from other works protected by copyright that has been used without the written consent of the copyright owner, and that I have provided (or am simultaneously providing) ESA and with copies of all such required written author consents. I understand that members of the media may be present at this event, and that the information I present is for the public record and may be used in articles written about ESA or other media.

I will honor attendees by abstaining from overt statements or offensive humor, which would disparage the dignity of any individual or group. I will use non-discriminatory words in verbal and written communications. When I encourage audience participation, I agree to acknowledge and give equal opportunity for contribution. I agree to avoid discriminatory jokes or visual aids that show people in stereotypical roles by presenting individuals without bias regardless of gender, sex, race, age, groups, etc. ESA recommends you review your material and substitute inclusive words (e.g. sales representative or sales person instead of salesman); refrain from using labels (e.g., referring to women as “girls”); and eliminate sexist language in your handouts (i.e., replace masculine pronouns with gender-neutral pronouns, or reword sentences or phrases).

I acknowledge that I have read this consent and release prior to signing it and that I understand its contents. I understand that the conference is relying on this agreement and release and that my release and consent are irrevocable.